Part 91 Pro Pilot

What is Part 91?

First off, thanks for listening!  Hopefully, you have a better idea as to what part 91 is now and how you can make money as a professional pilot working in General Aviation.

Learn more by reading the FARs

Yes, I know you would rather not, but actually cracking open the FARs is a necessity in any segment of professional aviation.

All of the FARs are available for free, by the way.  No need to buy the FAR/AIM!  Just go to the e-CFR website and select title 14 from the drop down.

Part 91 is the baseline

I said this in the podcast, but let me emphasize this one more time.  Every pilot follows the rules contained in part 91.  Airline pilots, charter pilots, and private pilots; everyone.

However, part 121 and 135 pilots are also following the rules contained in their respective parts; it is an added layer of rules.  Part 121 and 135 address a lot about CRM and crew rest, but say nothing about VFR cloud clearances, or IFR hemispherical altitudes.  Pilots must refer to part 91 for that stuff.

Basically, when a pilot is flying under part 91 flight rules they aren’t following any higher set of rules.

Lots of pilots make a living flying part 91

Most military pilots who decide to separate can find work at a part 121 air carrier and make really good money.  However, the benefits to flying part 91 may outweigh the pay of a major carrier.

At the end of the day you have to make the best decision for your personal goals, I just want to make sure you have all the information possible to make the best decision.

You can always decide to go part 91

Something I didn’t mention in this podcast was there is no age limit in part 91.  So if you want to retire from the airlines at 65 and then start working as a contract pilot you can.   I know several active pro pilots in part 91 that are well into their 70s.  None of them really need the money, but they sure do still love flying.

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